Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash

Two masters together at last

Superstars of American music, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash make country music for everyone, even people who don’t like country. You would never catch me listening to awful modern country, but these two artists are some of my all time favorites.

Members of the “outlaw” movement, Willie and Johnny wrote songs that transcend styles and genres. Who can say they don’t like such classics as “Folsom Prison Blues” or “On the Road Again?”

For many years Nelson and Cash were part of the Highwaymen, a country music super group that also included Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson, great musicians in their own right. However, there always seemed to be too many voices in the highwaymen. The duets done by individual members were always much better, like Waylon and Willie on “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys.”

If you want a stripped down, intimate set by these two masters, then check out VH1 Storytellers with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Their strong, distinctive voices come through as almost delicate, accompanied by the meat-and-potatoes chords of Johnny Cash and the skillful, jazz-like lead lines of Willie Nelson.

The album, released in 1998, begins with “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky,” and continues through a showcase of some of the best original songs penned by the two masters. Some of my favorites include “Family Bible” and “Drive On.”

Being a VH1 Storytellers production, the set includes stories between each song, but what really stands out are the timeless songs and the immense quality of the singing and musicianship. If you have any interest in either of these artists, then you will absolutely love this CD.


Would the Real Country Music, PLEASE Turn UP ?

I believe there's room for everybody in the music world cause if it's pleasing to the ears then it's good music. However, I think that country music has pushed the envelope as far as it can to hang on to using the name country music loosely for the powers to be that make the rules on what is considered country music. Let's face it,, the bottom line is it all boils down to power and money and Real Country Music has gotten lost in the mix. BUT, All is not lost ! I've recently heard a guy in Nashville that is making quite a splash with his NEW Authentic Country Music ! Check out the country music video by Tim Culpepper called Ghost as well as the NEW Single on I-Tunes and upcoming title to his Album of the same name, called Pourin Whiskey On Pain ! Talk about Honkytonkin' Country Music ! It's refreshing and reminiscent of a time in country music when the most important things in country music that were UP were the Fiddles, Steel, and album sales ! Check him out at timculpeppermusic.com and support Real Country Music !

Gretchen Wilson – The country girl that rocks it

She gained fame through expressing her true country roots

Gretchen Wilson’s continued fame is in large part from her choice of singing raw truth. She has a no-holds bar reality within her music that reaches a rather large audience on an inner level. Few musicians before her have been able to express themselves through music in this way, though for those who have the same rawness and fame followed them. To give you an ideal, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash are great examples of turning raw truth and emotion into musical genius and that is exactly what Gretchen Wilson achieves.

The first time I heard Gretchen Wilson I knew I was hooked. I was in my car when Redneck Woman came bellowing out of my speakers. The next morning I went out to pick up a copy of her album and I can honestly say I have continued to get each of her albums as soon as they become available.

Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman

The life of Gretchen Wilson can be heard in each of her songs. She grew up with a single mother in a trailer park in Pocahontas, Illinois and by 9th grade had left home and made a living working and singing in bars. This young start was a stepping stone that would later lead her to move down to Nashville where she would later be discovered by Big and Rich.

Gretchen Wilson took a path to Nashville fame that many have taken before her, though in modern times this type of Nashville access is less commonly taken. This was the Nashville gateway that Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings bravely took. It creates a do or die mentality and may possibly be the one thing that true country legends have in common.  


title and artist of song.

early 2000s' was a song out by a guy. was very in love with a girl. he said he would do something to mess it up. was a video to go with it. i need to know this song. i was in love with a fella and he said this song was about him. he did mess up but not his fault. he died suddenly. i still miss him and hearing this song would do me good. any help would be nice.

Willie nelson Announces New Album and Tour

Heroes will be in stores May 15th
Willie Nelson has been hard at work in the recording studios finishing up the tracks on his new album Heroes that is set to be released on May 15th. He has had several popular musicians contribute to this album across multiple music genres. Following the completion of this new album Willie nelson will be hitting the road for a new tour, dates can be located below.
The Heroes album is Willie Nelson’s first release under Legacy Recordings and has several country classics along with some new songs. A few of the artist being featured on this album include Cheryl Crow, merle haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Jamie Johnson and none other than Snoop Dogg. Not such a surprise, it was bound to happen Snoop Dogg and Willie nelson have been together on numerous occasions, I wonder if the connection is all in the party favors.
Lukas and Micah, Willie Nelson’s sons will also be featured on the Heroes album. This isn’t the first time that Willie has played music professionally with his sons. In fact they performed many concerts together and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, both Lukas and Micah are talented songwriters and musicians.
Willie nelson tour will be beginning in just a couple of weeks on April 15th in Odessa Texas. It’ll be a short tour with the last tour date being on June 15th in Atlanta Georgia. Even though this tour is only lasting from April 15th to June 15th a lot of shows have been booked into it, giving Willie nelson minimal time off in between shows. Tickets can be bought online through the Willie Nelson website or at Ticket master.
Tour Dates

April 5, 2012                                                        Odessa TX Dos Amigos Cantina

April 8, 2012                                                       Cape Girardeau MO Show Me Center

April 11, 2012                                                    Aurora IL Paramount Theatre

April 12, 2012                                                    Aurora IL Paramount Theatre

April 14, 2012                                                    Elizabeth IN Horseshoe Casino

April 15, 2012                                                    Springfield MO Juanita K. Hammons Hall

April 20, 2012                                                    Austin TX The Moody Theater

April 21, 2012                                                    Austin TX The Backyard at Bee Cave

May 6, 2012                                                       Glenside PA Keswick Theatre

May 7, 2012                                                       Washington DC 9:30 Club

May 9, 2012                                                       Glen Allen VA Innsbrook After Hours

May 10, 2012                                                     Charleston WV Clay Center

May 11, 2012                                                     Wilkes-Barre PA Kirby Center for the Performing Arts

May 12, 2012                                                     Red Bank NJ Count Basie Theatre

May 15, 2012                                                     Providence RI Veterans Memorial Auditorium

May 16, 2012                                                     Montclair NJ Wellmont Theatre

May 17, 2012                                                     Montclair NJ Wellmont Theatre

May 18, 2012                                                     Newport News VA CNU Ferguson Center for the Arts

June 7, 2012                                                      Waukegan IL Genesee Theatre

June 15, 2012                                                    Atlanta GA Chastain Park Amphitheatre


Johnny Cash Musical Festival 2012 Announced

Proceed will restore Johnny Cash's childhood Dyess Home

The Johnny cash Music Festival Has officially set a date of October 5th for the event this year. The music festival raises funds that are used for the Dyess Project. The Dyess project will be restoring the childhood home of Johnny cash and creating a Johnny Cash museum. Take a walk back in time with me and visit the little house that created a legend.

Johnny Cash moved to Dyess as part of FDR’s new deal program. This program provided the cash family with a standard home for that time and a moderate piece of land to farm. The cash family grew cotton, proceeds from their cotton farming went to making modest payments for their new home and other household expenses. Little Johnny cash or JR as he was known came from meek beginnings and grew into a giant by following his dreams.

The Cash family was lucky enough to own a radio, it was one of their only luxuries. It has been said that Johnny Cash listened to the radio every free moment he had. He especially liked June Carter, who he later went on to marry and father one son John carter cash with, though both June and Johnny had children from earlier marriages. John had returned with June to his childhood home long after it quit breathing, this certainly was a difficult time filled with memories of his trials, his frustrations and his loss.

Johnny cash had lost a brother, Jack in Dyess. His father was rumored to have been a hard man in Johnny’s earlier days, though his home was still his home and it had ties of love no matter how strained that love was. Cash never bothered to restore his Dyess home in life, it’s too bad he won’t be here to see it returned to a seemingly original state. The last time and the last memory he had from his childhood home would’ve been a rundown dilapidated house.

Hank Williams JR Taking Back the Country Tour begins March 3rd

16 Cities announced

If you have ever wanted to see hank Williams JR live you just might get your chance. His upcoming tour, Taking Back the Country begins next Saturday, March 3rd. He will play a total of 16 cities, starting in St Augustine Florida.

Hank Williams JR is schedule in 12 states between the southern states and Midwestern states.  More concert dates will be added as the tour progresses. As of Now you can purchase tickets for the following shows online.

Tour Dates Made Available from The Official Hank Williams JR Site

3/3 – St. Augustine, Fla. @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre

3/4 – Plant City, Fla. @ Florida Strawberry Festival

4/6 – Biloxi, Miss. @ Mississippi Coast Coliseum

4/7 – Tuscaloosa, Ala. @ Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre

4/13 – Duluth, Ga. @ Arena at Gwinnett Center

4/14 – Charleston, W.V. @ Charleston Civic Center Coliseum

4/27 – Southaven, Miss. @ Landers Center

5/11 – Evansville, Ind. @ Ford Center

5/12 – Dayton, Ohio @ Nutter Center

5/18 – Bossier City, La. @ Centurylink Center

5/19 – Wichita, Ks. @ INTRUST Bank Arena

7/27 – Cheyenne, WY. @ Cheyenne Frontier Days

8/4 – Davenport, Iowa @ Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds

8/16 – Louisville, Ky. @ Kentucky State Fair, Freedom Hall

8/17 – Des Moines, Iowa @ Iowa State Fair, Grandstand

8/18 – Sedalia, Mo. @ Missouri State Fairground

Hank Williams JR is known for fun and fast paced concerts. He has been making music throughout his life and has yet to slow down. This certainly is part of what draws in his audience. His Concerts have been known to get a little wild at times, however he has learned to keep the liveliness of his live performances under control, just barely.

In addition to his upcoming tour he has also announced the release of a new album titled, BEST OF HANK WILLIAMS JR. - ALL MY ROWDY FRIENDS. The release date is scheduled 3 weeks into March on the 27th. In the unfortunate case that you just won’t be able to make any of his live concerts, you’ll at least be able to pick up his latest music release. This latest album will include hank William JR hits that he has recorded throughout his musical career.

Check back at a later date for more tour dates, I’ll add more dates as they become available.