CMA Country Christmas is Another ABC Success

CMA Country Christmas is Another ABC Success


The Country Music Association, CMA has been known year after year for its spectacular Christmas Show. Country Music stars are honored to be selected as part of the CMA Country Christmas. This year CMA has selective a deserving group of country musicians that were all very pleased to be part of the show that aired on ABC December 1, 2011.


This year, an amazing 9 million people had tuned into ABC to watch the two hour long Christmas special. The amount of viewers received, placed ABC in the number 2 spot, an impressive position. This show like past shows had numerous country music stars singing Christmas songs and conversing about Christmas, all in all the entire event was very festive.

Performers included many country music greats, such as Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley along with many others. Aside from generic Christmas stories, many of the musicians shared their personal Christmas traditions, providing their fans with a glimpse into their Christmas. Some of the Christmas stories were intimate whereas others boasted large family events.

In addition to Christmas songs and stories, many of the musicians honestly discussed their own personal nervousness that they had performing on a show that has earned such high regard such as the CMA Country Christmas. Not every musician is chosen to perform on this show, in fact many musician complete their entire musical career and never receive the honor of being presented with a CMA Country Christmas performer invitation.