Johnny Cash Musical Festival 2012 Announced

Johnny Cash Musical Festival 2012 Announced

Proceed will restore Johnny Cash's childhood Dyess Home

The Johnny cash Music Festival Has officially set a date of October 5th for the event this year. The music festival raises funds that are used for the Dyess Project. The Dyess project will be restoring the childhood home of Johnny cash and creating a Johnny Cash museum. Take a walk back in time with me and visit the little house that created a legend.

Johnny Cash moved to Dyess as part of FDR’s new deal program. This program provided the cash family with a standard home for that time and a moderate piece of land to farm. The cash family grew cotton, proceeds from their cotton farming went to making modest payments for their new home and other household expenses. Little Johnny cash or JR as he was known came from meek beginnings and grew into a giant by following his dreams.

The Cash family was lucky enough to own a radio, it was one of their only luxuries. It has been said that Johnny Cash listened to the radio every free moment he had. He especially liked June Carter, who he later went on to marry and father one son John carter cash with, though both June and Johnny had children from earlier marriages. John had returned with June to his childhood home long after it quit breathing, this certainly was a difficult time filled with memories of his trials, his frustrations and his loss.

Johnny cash had lost a brother, Jack in Dyess. His father was rumored to have been a hard man in Johnny’s earlier days, though his home was still his home and it had ties of love no matter how strained that love was. Cash never bothered to restore his Dyess home in life, it’s too bad he won’t be here to see it returned to a seemingly original state. The last time and the last memory he had from his childhood home would’ve been a rundown dilapidated house.