Making the Choice: Living In the Country

Making the Choice: Living In the Country

"I like the country. In my opinion it has more benefits than drawbacks."

Choosing where to live is always a personal choice. Some people choose to live in cities because of the convenience or cultural atmosphere while others choose to live in rural areas because they prefer the wide open spaces.

I prefer to live in the more rural areas; not quite backwoods but here is a bit of a drive for serious shopping. Making the choice to live in the country requires a little forethought about how it will affect your lifestyle. If you are looking for a slower pace, a little more peace and quiet then the country could be the place for you. Often home prices in rural areas are cheaper and offer a lower monthly mortgage payment. While smaller payments are all well and good, you do after to consider what costs may rise. Will you have to travel further to get to work? If so, you gas consumption may go up negating some of the savings.

Owning a home always comes with responsibilities; property taxes, yard work, home maintenance, etcetera. Owning a home outside of town can potentially add a few more like well and septic systems.

There are also issues of weather when selecting a country home. Is the climate prone to snow? If so, are the local roads maintained by the county or you? Will you have the ability to get to work after a snowstorm? Or will you have to take the day off and hope to make it up later? Will your budget accommodate having to by a snowplow or snow blower to make a path? Or are you going to be outside shoveling away? Is the home in a flood zone? Will severe rains leave you camping out on the roof? These are little things that can have a big impact on the choice to live countryside.

I like the country. In my opinion it has more benefits than drawbacks. I can elect to grow my own food. My pets have more space.  I can go for days without seeing the neighbors but when I feel like chatting I’m always welcome. My water supply is my own and is untouched by the chemicals cities use to make the water drinkable. The air is clean and just keeping up with the lawn and trees provide me a forced fitness routine.

Yes, there are definitely good things to say about living in an out of the way green oasis.