Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” Goes Viral

Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” Goes Viral

Hunger Games Fans Largely Love the Film’s Theme Song

Fans of The Hunger Games have been eagerly awaiting the film for months, and even though we’ve had several trailers to hold us over until the movie gets here, we haven’t really been able to get a feel for the type of mood established within the movie. While Taylor Swift’s theme song for the movie, “Safe and Sound” featuring The Civil Wars is not directed by Gary Ross, I think we can expect the mood from the film to be similar to the one felt within her music video.

The video of “Safe and Sound” went online this week, and the single has already sold more than 500,000 copies. Some have compared it to Loreena McKennit, some say it has a country feel while others maintain it’s more of a slow southern rock ballad; I, however, think the drum beats featured in the song, along with the various pauses throughout the song, help create a very post-Apocalyptic ballad that sounds a bit like the dandelion in the dust—the hope within the desperation and bleakness of the world.

When I saw the mockingjay pin in the video, I must admit that I found myself breaking out in goose bumps! If you are a fellow fan of the series, did you spot any other references to the book in the video? The location was obviously the woods behind the Seam, in which Katniss hunts, including her lake—though I did wonder for a little while if they might have been the actual arena. There are also berries in the video, representing, perhaps, the very berries that Katniss and Peeta defy the Capitol with during the very last arena scene.

What about the home in the video? Could it be Katniss’s home? I thought so at first, though it seems bigger than I pictured it. I was also wondering if it could be the abandoned home in the woods that she and Gale know about, though that’s not present until the second books, so I doubt they would include it in this video for the first film.

What was your take on the video? I really enjoyed it. It was my first time hearing The Civil Wars and I look forward to more, but not as much as I look forward to the film itself. We only have a month left, and tickets go on sale at noon on the 22nd of February!