The Winding Road of Country

The Winding Road of Country

A brief history of country music

Country music has had a long presence in the music industry. As a result it has gone through many changes. Country music has had a long lifespan that has given the music a chance to explore many facets of life.


Early country music gave us the early sounds of Vernon Dalhart. Before long, country music shifted over to the heartbreaking words and voice of Hank Williams. Finally country music picked up a western twang that many people still associate with country.

Then suddenly something happened. Rock-n-roll blended into country music. Not the rock-n-roll that we know today, still it was rock-n-roll from that time in history. Country stars Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis played right beside rock-n-roll legend Elvis Presley and Rock-a-billy star Carl Perkins. Rock-n-roll and country had somehow merged and were able to fill the same music venue.

Then country music made a strange turn into television programming. It was the beginning of shows like Hee Haw and The Johnny Cash Show. These shows depicted country music intertwined with comedy. These classic country music television shows are still remembered by the many fans that would tune in each week.

That time quickly passed and a new country music era was born. An era taken that depicts each turn that country music has taken. Today country music has an upbeat sound that is intertwined with a little bit of pop, a little rock-n-roll and even a little bit of the blues. Country music has travelled a long life of heartbreak, western flair, rock-n-roll, television lights, youthful pop and raw edgy blues.