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A Year in Country Music

2011 country music accomplishments revisited

This year has been an exciting year in country music. There have been new hall of fame inductees, deserving award winners and a change in country music, a blend between genres. We can only hope as we recount highlight moments of country that next year can top this year, so that music can continue to stand out.

There were a total of three Country Music Hall of Fame inductees this year. Each musician that was inducted was very deserving of this honor. Reba McEntire, Bobby Braddock and Jean Shepard were all inducted. This is one of the greatest honors of country music and many years they only have one inductee, often inductees have already passed so being able to earn your place in the Country Music hall of Fame is an honor for any country music musician.

As with every year, country musicians are nominated for their outstanding performances and musical talents. This year was no different, some of the greatest musicians stood and humbly accepted their well deserved rewards. Top award winners this year included Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert and the successful new talents of The Band Perry.

One accomplishment in country music that I am glad to see is that today’s top musicians are impacting other genres of music. Top musicians are being placed in not only country music charts but also pop music and other billboard  musical charts. The greatest cross genre impact that country music is starting to see is the evolution of performance diversity. Taylor swift just recently received the Billboards Women of the Year Award where she invited other great musicians Usher, Kenny Chesney, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber onstage with her. These musicians grouped together were a great representation of the music industries diversity of music and the changes that are evident in country music.