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Whatever Happened to Billy Ray Cyrus?

A country boy who couldn't quite hold on

Billy Ray Cyrus started out big with his debut album containing five hits. Many albums are released to this day with one, two maybe even three hits, so five hits on a first album is impressive at the very least. Something happened and Billy Ray Cyrus continued to fade.

His debut album Some Gave All was released in 1992, it gave country fans a long haired country boy with high energy and a style of his own. New Billy ray Cyrus fans learned the words to his songs and even attempted to learn the electric slide. So what exactly caused a country music star to rise so fast only to fall faster?

Was it that he didn’t quite fit in? Even today he stands out as a bad boy that someone forgot to raise. He is ridiculed for his parenting style with Miley Cyrus, which I have to admit when I read the story of Billy Ray Cyrus Approving of Justin Gaston (20) dating his daughter Miley then 15 I was a little surprised and question his parenting skills myself. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that in many southern states, Kentucky included an older man isn’t seen in the same light as the rest of America.

He has actually continued to make music and has been in several movies and TV shows. He should by all accounts have some level of fame yet he doesn’t, not really. The only conclusion that I can draw is that no matter what song he releases or what part he plays, society as a whole will never accept, he will always remain the falling star.