September 2008

Song title and singer

Its been in my head for weeks. I even went on a date with this guy for the first time and he said i've had this song in my head do you know the name of it and he sang that same song. It freaked me out so i have to find this song. All the help would be wonderful. "If you get there before i do..dont wait up on me... i'll meet you in my dreams i'm sure cause i dont know how long i'll be...i'm not gonna let you down..darlin wait and see till now...and then till i'll see you again i'll be loving me

title of country song

I am looking for the title and artist of a fairly new country song.It is where a man stops to help a lady change a tire and refuses payment.just tells her to help someone else.The lady goes down the road to a dinner and a pregnant lady served her who looked down on her luck.The lady leaves $100.00 on the table.Later the watress is in bed and comments everything will be alright JOE,who was also the same person who helped change the tire.

i need help

there is this song i like but i don't know the artist who sings it and i don't know the name of the song its about two people ther just friends but everyone thinks they are a couple.can you please tell me the name and artist who sings this song.

It's driving me crazy!!!

There's a new country song out that I really like, I want to buy the CD but can't think of the Title or who sings it. I can't find anyone who knows what I'm talking about hopefuly you do. It starts something like "Hi my name's timmy and I'm pushing 5 years old" Its about a little boy telling his baby brother all the things he's going to teach him. Can someone PLEASE halp me? Thanks

what the heck is that name and artist of this song???

alright this on is a good test for all of you country fanatics out there!! i have no idea who the artist to this son is and i have no idea what the song is about or anything i just know that it is a guy. and it is not new, and he sings really fast in the chorus! and it is one of those songs you just have to sing along even if you dont know the words.. please help me out thanks scott johnson


I am singing in a semi-final competition in about a month and I need some ideas on some good upbeat songs that will get the crowd going if you can please help me! Thanks luv ya all Shell!

Help me

In the late 80's early 90's around the time dont take the girl was a hit. There was this song and all I really remember is in verse 1 was somethin like sitting on the ood of a ford then something about a boy in a baseball cap.A love story song any help would be great..


Can someone please tell me who sings a song that goes like this....all week i have been her husband, tonight i want to be her man?? please let me know who sings it, it a new song i think.

I need a name of this song

This doesn't have any thing to do with country music but i really want to know the name of a song, it is on Wrestling on Thursday night Smackdown, it is the Undertakers new theme song, it goes something like ..... the time is now, it isn't Rollin' it is his newest theme song. If any one can help me Thank you