October 2008


Ive been looking for about four hours straight for the name or singer of a song I Know most of the chorus to----------it goes: i promise to be your best friend and am i here untill the end can i be sure i have been waiting for you and did i say my love is true...baby i will i am i can i have i do
If you know could you PLEASE PLEASE email the name or artist of the song to me

Jangle Bells

I'm trying to find out who did a song called "Jangle Bells" on a Country type Christmas album back in the late '60s or early '70s. Sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells", the 1st verse goes, "I've got an old tom cat, and Santa is his name. I keep him nice & fat, but he hates me just the same. He got at me today with those needles in his paws, And now I'm a'wearin' bandages On account of Santa's claws!"

Holiday song

Looking for the title or artist of a song played some 10-15 years ago around the holidays. Radio stations around Milwaukee played this song about a mother and child riding on a train on like on Christmas Eve or something. Song was more of a naration by who I thought played JR's brother on Dallas (Steve Kanaly). Did anyone else hear this song at one point?

Help find the name of this song?

Can you help me find a singer to a song. I am playing this pen pal game with a friend of mine where she gives me the lyrics and some clues about a song and I have to figure out what song it is and who sings it. The clues she gave me are -Brother is also a famous country music singer -Male country artrist the lyrics are -Get scatterd by the wind tossed upon the waves, host for years on end. -Slowly drift apart. They give away their hearts, maybe call you now and then. -You say you want to be_________, thats newly sharppened blade. That a dagger in the heart.

what song is this??

whats the song that goes "You can do anything else, baby be good to yourself. you can find a nice place, have a good life-dont worry about me im gonna be allright. you can make a new start, you can see yourself clear...if you can do anything else; do it; but if you cant-baby you can stay right here.."??? help!

Song and Singer!

I don't know if these are actually the lyrics to the song but it is only wut i can remember. I have been wanting this song for a long time and I don't know what it is called or who it is by. The lyrics that I only know are "It's the touch of your arms that you know what I'm feeling. It's the truth in your eyes that you will always need me." I hope that someone could help me. Thanx!