November 2008

Whats the song?

Whats the name of the song or the name of artist where the storyline is about a man who buys a car from a lady whos husband was an officer or major or captain in the army....He gets in an accident and swears the ghost of the husband saves him. I thought the word "major" was in the title. Its like Major....and the full name of the husband. Please help me!

Ronnie Milsap

HI.. I know Ronnie Milsap sings a song called "the Freeze"... is it called another name by any chance. I have looked for that sone on his albums and have not found it.. Any and all help will be apprecaited.. thank you so much!!

homeless man

it is about a man that wakes up a homeless man and the homeless man was dreaming and he says this,,, i just climb out of a sycamore tree. i was running from some honey bees, drip drying in a gentle breeze, after jumping in the calico creek.... any way the man was freezing to death but he was dreaming about going home

Nedd help

I'm looking for the name of an old, and I mean old, country song about a girl named Cathy who fell in a well. I also need the name of the person or band who did the song. Thanks in advance for any help.

Looking for Can anyone tell me where I can find the kids song "Yes Virginia There Is a Santa Clause"...artist's an oldie

Please...can anyone tell me anything about this song, and particularly where I could find a copy. Is there some type of 'song exchange' I could go to? I've searched everywhere with no luck. Thanks so much.

song title

There was an old song that went something like: The Pitty Pitty Patter of Those Tiny Feet Are Going To Pitty Pitty Patter across our house. Does anyone remember this and can tell me the name of the song and who sang it?

This song is driving me crazy!!!

This song is about a father and son -- I think they are walking down the driveway and the son is going to school. The son must be scared and the father says something like he has walked this way before. The song ends with the son, now grown, walking his elderly father down the same road saying something like, "I know where I'm going, I've been down this road...." Does anyone know who sings this - it is a male vocalist- or the name of the song????

Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, etc. Wanted!

I'm a Talent Scout for E-Insider (The Entertainment Insider Network) and at this time our affiliates (major entertainment industry executives) have an urgent need for new unsigned talent. Please, we are only seeking serious/professional/talented individuals to fulfill our affiliates needs, as our affiliate rosters are comprised of respectable high-end entertainment industry leaders. Normally I like to see a live performance to make sure you'd be a good fit with the demands of our company before I extend this opportunity, but due to high demands and time constraints I am personally unable to visit and evaluate all talent. This is why I ask that only true and talented artists respond to this open call. For more information, please visit our web site and complete the online form to begin your evaluation process. One of our A&R Directors will get back to you within 48 hours. We ask that you please have a digital sample or demo available to submit upon our request during your phone interview. *Note: This opportunity can only be extended to those who have been contacted by a Talent Scout.