December 2008


Hi everyone, I live in the UK where country music is not very popular. I love it however and try to do my bit to promote it. I present a 3hour country music programme via the internet every Sunday evening from 6-9pm (UK time)so afternoon (1ish)for USA listeners. I feature brand new artists and older ones and am happy to play requests. I chat to listeners as it transmits. Maybe you can join us. just click listen. Keep it country Marie


I am looking for the name and artist of a song. I was told the name of the country song is I miss you. its about kids who call their grandfather and has to do with missing you. if anyone could help me out i would appreciate it. thanks feel free to email me at


I'm looking for the title and singer of a song about a guy who wants to be a race car driver and a girl that wants to be an actress. I've never heard it, but someone told me about it and I want to download it. Any help would be great! Thank You!

"Winnibago" sont

About 20 years ago there was a song satirizing RVs. It had a sort of refrain with the words "you see that man from Michigan / with his gol-darn Winnie-bag-o", and contained the words "every third car on the road" and a stanza "Now Winnie-bag-o, as we all know, / Is a good ol' Injun name, / Means "Standin' in stagnant water," / An' it ain't no claim to fame." (All these quotations are from long-term memory and are approximate rather than precise.) Since I don't know artist or title, I can't look it up in the on-line data bases. Can anyone identify this for me?


I am needing to find out the name of this song and who sings it, its a song about a son talking about his father on how he was so strong, and something about unbreakable walls, can you help???

No Subject

I was wondering if anyone could rember a older song that i think was writen by George Straight but I am not sure. It is about a man who leaves his family for rodeo he then calls home to talk to his wife. She says that she needs a stong man and that there is fence that needs mending and children needing spanking. Any info would be great.