January 2009

looking for a song

I am writing to see if you can help me with an artist and song title. I saw a video on Great American Country that was really moving, but I only saw it once, and I'm afraid I can't remember the song title or the artist's name. All I can really think of is that the title is something to the effect of "Look Me Up When You Get Home." If it helps, the song was about a soldier in Vietnam who made a friend, and when they parted company, the friend told him to look him up when he gets home. Years later, while visiting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, the soldier sees his friend's name on the wall. If you can help me with the song titled and/or artist, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. email any answer to timcar@towerrecords.com THANKS!


There's this song that I absolutly love, and I don't know who sings it. It's about a guy who really loves this girl, but he knows that thy're not meant to be together and all that's happening is a long goodbye. ( i think a long goodbye is the name of the song) Please help, I'd really appreciate it. :)

my fave new country songs / emerson drive

Hey all you country music fans out there. Its good to see so many people with great music taste!! Im wondering what you guys listen to and what your favorite songs are!! My favorite artists are garth, alan jackson, lee ann womack and lonestar. I love the new brad paisley cd and Emerson Drive! I love their new cd, the songs are so uplifting and put me in a great mood. You can hear clips on www.emersondrive.net and the street team is at www.ufanz.com/teams/emersondrive. Check them out! Recent songs ive heard that I love are joe nichols’ “impossible” and darryl worley’s “I miss my friend”. Both make me cry. Also I love emerson drives “fall in to me”! Heres my top 5 fave songs: 1. Alan jackson “drive”, 2. Lonestar “not a day goes by”, 3. Brad paisley “the fishing song”, 4. Dixie chicks “long time gone” and 5. Kenny chesney “the good stuff”. Y’all share your love for country.


Can someone tell me the name of and who sings the song about the little girl whose dad kills her mom and himself and she gets taken to foster parents and how Jesus was with her the night her parents died? Thanks alot.

Re: name of this song?

this song starts with this guy helping this ladie with a flat tire then she wants to repay him and he said if you want to repay me dont let this chain of love end with me and she helps this waitress and the waitress goes home and tells her husban things will be ok and the husban ends up being the first guy who hrelped the ladie