August 2009

Jerry Garcia x Hillbillies

There are few bands that elicit the response that the Grateful Dead do. Maybe the Sex Pistols can get a rise outta folks, but there aren’t too many others that match the emotional attachment that the Dead were able to summon from fans. But just as strongly as fans felt positive vibes from the Bay Area band, there’re just as many folks who deride them as nothing more than ejaculatory music. There’s a bit of validity to that point of view, but with Jerry Garcia’s wide appreciation for all musics, it should be excused. He may have just thought they were a jazz band – or a bluegrass band for that matter.

Slim Richey x Jazz x Bluegrass

It’s more than rare when players innovate. That moment of discovery and dissemination frequently ends up pigeonholing an act or a player for decades – and while that might be to a few folk’s advantage, it’s usually considered stilting, to say the least. Having that figured, folks that engender a specific genre shift are rarely again granted the prospect of regaining some sort of renown later on in their career’s. For whatever reason, Slim Richey has been given a few chances. There’s no disagreement about the fact that Richey had a hand in the ‘new grass’ thing that began taking over the traditional genre during the ‘60s and ‘70s, but by and large, his name is not one of those mentioned in the same breath as Sam Bush or Tony Rice.