November 2009

Legendary Songwriter Paul Collins since 1974 in Country-Rock, Alt-Country,Americana

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 For years, music critics have praised singer-songwriter Paul Collins, for his solo albums playing Americana, Country and roots rock and his work with his legendary rock bands The Nerves and The Beat. Collins has been compared to Steve Earle, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan, The Byrds and Chris Isaak, whose band backed Collins on his self-titled debut solo album with Sheryl Crow guitarist Jeff Trott.


Sally Jaye premiers on NBC's Mercy

I really enjoyed the music on NBC’s  Mercy tonight. All of the bands fit well into the scheme of the shows plot. What really hit me was a song that I needed to find out. The lyrics in the song had the words  “fast enough”. When I searched this further I discovered that this these lyric came up on google with Sally Jaye, and upon further searches I got the lyrics. Here they are:

You were a good girl with straight As and manners
Til somebody hurt you, polite didn't matter
You missed the collection plate, fell asleep in church today
There's blood on your pretty white dress, look at your head its a mess

You're giving it up, but not fast enough
You're giving it up, but change never comes

You can lie on your back and let him have his way
He's gonna like that, then hell go away
You're in good company getting by on sweet
Sweet is just your way when you don't know what to be

The Dillards - An (Endless) Family Tradition

It’s been alternately figured that the Dillards, the Byrds or the Flying Burrito Brothers are the founding fathers of country rock. It’s a silly and useless debate to become engaged in. But whereas those two latter groups always functioned, to a certain extent, as rock groups, the Dillards began in Missouri as a straight bluegrass band replete with vocal harmonies and the like.

The band’s decision to head west and give the music thing a go in California, though, changed the trajectory of not just the Dillards’ career, but the folks that comprised the Byrds and the Burrito Brothers.

J.D. Crowe: Somehow Tonight

Folks are generally surprised when I tell ‘em that bluegrass is one of my favorite things to listen to – specifically in the summer, but anytime’s good. I’m not usually prompted for examples of who I toss on all too frequently, but new grass stuff makes up a good portion of my listening habits. There’s obviously nothing wrong with more traditional fair, but the explosive musicality that can overwhelm listeners at the turn of any corner during a well conceived bluegrass track makes the genre (or sub-genre) as exciting as anything electrified.