April 2010

A minute with Sam Bush (Part 5)

CMT: Is the body made of metal? Is that to get a more twangy sound out of the instrument?

SB: Yeah. The National Instrument Company made instruments out of metal back in the twenties and thirties. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these things back in the seventies. I was just looking for a different thing that you could do with mandolin knowledge and apply that to different kinds of playing. I play totally different on the slide mandolin than I would playing with my fingers on my good old wooden Gibson F-5.

CMT: You mentioned recording and playing as a sideman on other people’s recordings. It seems like as a solo recording artist you have eight or so albums. There is a deeper history of you playing on other people’s work, though. How’d that come about?

A minute with Sam Bush (Part 4)

Before that even happens, here in a little while, I’m going out to California. Tomorrow night, I’ll be on the Jay Leno show with a country entertainer named Derek Bentley. He’s made an acoustic record, his label calls it his bluegrass record. It’s not, so much. I ended up playing slide mandolin on the lead cut. We made a video for it, which will be on in a few weeks. It is called “Up on the Ridge.”


CMT: Most of your performances are at festivals and various outdoor events?

SB: Yeah, once the warm weather hits, you can count on the end of April through the middle of September probably. Of course, we have some auditorium and theater style gigs, but for the most part outdoors in the summertime. It is a good time of year.


A minute with Sam Bush (Part 3)

CMT: I am interested in the genre historically when you contrast bluegrass with jazz and blues becoming popular music. And while there is definitely a market for country, it’s still perceived differently than jazz, which is thought of as American classical music by some. When I asked you about notation, I was trying to figure out if that is part of the reason why bluegrass is perceived differently?

A minute with Sam Bush (Part 1)

Country Music Talk: You are going to be playing at the Kent Stage at the end of May or beginning of June. Have you performed there in the past?

Sam Bush: June 4th. I have played there a couple of times over the years with my own band as well as with saxophonist Bill Evans.


CMT: Your performance with Evans was with Soulgrass, right? How did that project come about since he is a pretty huge name in jazz?

Does anyone remember this one?

I am trying to find a song from years ago. I can't remember the song title or band name. Part of the song was about stopping for ice cream just to see how long they could drive before it melted. This song was played on CMT quite a lot when it was big. Does anyone remember this one? Please help if you can. Thanks