May 2010

The Waco Brothers: A Midwest Mess...

Life’s full of an endless series of questions – why can something work for one person, but not another. That’s just the most immediate in my mind, but there’re a litany of others. One of those daunting questions, though, goes something like, ‘How do you form a new(ish) band, play country music and not sound like garbage?”

Jon Langford asked that question at some point during the nineties. While living in Chicago, the Mekons’ front-man further developed his love of country music the point that it warranted forming a new ensemble. And while the Mekons moved from trebly, nervous punk stuff towards a nu-country sound, it never completely moved from one genre to the other. Pretty close, though.

i need help

Ok I cannot for the life of me remeber a song title.  The story is of a boy who wasnts his dads attention, to be loved by his dad. His dad pretty much ignores him.  The dad dies, the son is mad.  At the funeral in the church the guy looks up and sees jesus on the cross and realizes his dads been there the whole time.  Can anyone help me?  I know its a song from 5 or so years ago I believe.  Its driving me nuts thanks

The Amboys

Hey everyone just found this great new band out of New Jersey called "The Amboys." I saw them the other night at The Saint in Asbury Park NJ. They are a great live band and there new album is amazing. Everyone should def check them out if they like bands like Wilco, Old 97's and anything in the alt country genre. Here are a few links to check them out that I found just by searching "The Amboys" on google,