August 2010

Help with song title

I am trying to find the song title or artist of a song that seems to be made up of phrases of other song titles.  It contains such phrases as LA river, songs about Texas, when it's all said and done, singing all night long, little bit softer now, little bit louder now. 

Can anyone help?


Jason and the Scorchers: Still Country After All These Years

Jason and the Scorchers have been working out an equation balancing aggressive rock tones cribbed from seventies bands and traditional country stuff for just about thirty years. For the most part, the band works out what it had in mind – and relatively easily.

Each of the ensemble players possesses untoward amounts of musical ability as recognizable in its rock presentation as its straight country stuff. At times, the band pushes tempo to the breaking point, frequently finding itself referred to as the forbearers of alt country and cow punk. And while that’s well and good, it’s pretty easy to figure out that Mike Ness and Social Distortion were recording in this general arena (that group favored punk over country, but the mix is still there) at least three years before the Scorchers were on fire.