September 2010

Doyle Lawson: Bluegrass says, "Babylon’s Falling"

It’s interesting that in some varieties of music, specific strains, there’s a religiosity imbued. For the most part, when this occurs, the music doesn’t wind up being popular by industry standards. But the listener of religious music unquestionably comprises a base of the buying public. And while folks might pander to that crowd, there are those performers who come by its relative fervor in an authentic manner.

Mandolin player and bandleader Doyle Lawson, whose been playing music for the better part of the last fifty years and has led this ensemble since the eighties, takes his group through a soul filled selection of gospel inspired bluegrass tunes on Beyond the Shadows.

New Country Duo - South of Eden


 Hey Folks,


 Just wanted to pass along some info on a new country duo coming out of Nashville. They are unlike anything I have heard before and both have stellar voices. I am promoting them as much as I can cause I think they deserve to be up there with the best...(and some of the worst that are up there, unfortunately) Both have an impressive history in the business already. They have an album on Itunes and their website is

They have a Facebook too (just look up South of Eden) and I think they are first.

Merle Haggard: Misery and Fandom

For whatever reason, country music hit its financial stride during the seventies. With Willie Nelson issuing no less than four classic (there were others, but we’re talking about stone classics) during the decade and Merle Haggard reconfiguring the general populace’s perception of the genre, it was a good time for the music.