November 2011

Taylor Swift Speaks out against Drugs and Alcohol

"A welcomed change."


Taylor Swift during an interview with 60 Minutes Overtime, discussed her choice not to drink or use substances and the importance of using her fame to be a role model among many other topics. The complete interview will be aired on November 20, 2011, so make sure you find time to see her discusses alcohol, substances and why they’re just not smart.

The Deadly Gentlemen - '99 Days'

The newest record from The Deadly Gentlemen brought me back to that time when you'd make an impulse buy in a record store just because you found a cool-looking cover. It's hard not to listen to an album that has a surrealist banjo player on its cover, and luckily, the music inside is pretty awesome itself, too. The Deadly Gentlemen also taught me that "grasscore" is now a genre, so enjoy that knowledge. Here's '99 Days', a free single off their Carry Me To Home LP.