December 2011

When Did “Country Girl” Become Synonymous with “Pole Dancer”?

I blinked, and dusty leather turned into scant lace...

When I was a tween, I liked all kinds of music—my mom’s country, Motown, and oldies, my dad’s hard rock and classics. When it came to country music, I liked it pretty much as country as you could get—from Merle Haggard to Reba, Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks, I loved most of it all. During this time, most of the people my age did not like country music; it was considered old people music, and definitely one of those guilty pleasures you kept to yourself at age thirteen!

The Porter Draw - 'Athens'

A new band out of Albuquerque, The Porter Draw do a polished, classic twang. Here's their stompy crooner 'Athens'.

Country Music's Original Bad Boy Johnny Cash

the one and only Johnny Cash

Country music’s original bad boy is none other than Johnny Cash. I hadn’t planned on writing about Johnny Cash until I had by mere chance come across this somewhat famous picture. The Picture of Johnny cash flipping the bird was taken at San Quentin Prison, there are several rumors of the cause of the picture but then that is another post entirely, for today I will just discuss the pieces that made Johnny Cash the Man in Black, the Bad Boy of country music.

Making the Choice: Living In the Country

"I like the country. In my opinion it has more benefits than drawbacks."

Choosing where to live is always a personal choice. Some people choose to live in cities because of the convenience or cultural atmosphere while others choose to live in rural areas because they prefer the wide open spaces.

I prefer to live in the more rural areas; not quite backwoods but here is a bit of a drive for serious shopping. Making the choice to live in the country requires a little forethought about how it will affect your lifestyle. If you are looking for a slower pace, a little more peace and quiet then the country could be the place for you. Often home prices in rural areas are cheaper and offer a lower monthly mortgage payment. While smaller payments are all well and good, you do after to consider what costs may rise. Will you have to travel further to get to work? If so, you gas consumption may go up negating some of the savings.