January 2012

Lee Brice Continues Tour after Tour Bus Catches Fire

Lee Brice and all band members were unharmed


Lee Brice and all band members have escaped unharmed from tour bus fire. In an unexplained occurrence, Lee Brice’s tour bus caught fire just as it was pulling into the parking lot of Toby Keith’s Love this Bar and Grill in Mesa Arizona. Brice though a little shaken was able to keep his scheduled performance.

A young singer/songwriters Manager looking for guidance:)

Hi, I've never managed a musician before and would like some guidance to stear us in the right direction.  I'm attaching a link to a video on youtube that's several years old but still shows his talent.  We are getting ready to record an album on our computer just so we can get his name out there in hopes to get label.  He has about 10 videos on youtube so if you like it you can listen to more.  Would love to know what you think of him as well.  Here's the link http://youtu.be/GB6ZkgLCcJs


Chrissy Bowers

From Poverty to Heartache to Stardom to knee surgery Loretta Lynn Survives

She has been an inspiration from the moment she sang her first song


Loretta Lynn fans will have to wait two extra weeks for her tour to kick off as she is postponing by two weeks to give her knee a little extra time to heal from her surgery. Loretta is an amazing women and certainly in my top female country music vocalist. Though I have never seen her live, her music and life inspire me.