May 2012

Gretchen Wilson – The country girl that rocks it

She gained fame through expressing her true country roots

Gretchen Wilson’s continued fame is in large part from her choice of singing raw truth. She has a no-holds bar reality within her music that reaches a rather large audience on an inner level. Few musicians before her have been able to express themselves through music in this way, though for those who have the same rawness and fame followed them. To give you an ideal, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash are great examples of turning raw truth and emotion into musical genius and that is exactly what Gretchen Wilson achieves.

The first time I heard Gretchen Wilson I knew I was hooked. I was in my car when Redneck Woman came bellowing out of my speakers. The next morning I went out to pick up a copy of her album and I can honestly say I have continued to get each of her albums as soon as they become available.

Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman